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DrugsData tests all psychoactive drugs including ecstasy tablets, powders, research chemicals, novel pschoactive substances, and other drugs through our DEA-d laboratory. The vast majority of analyses of over-the-counter, prescription, and recreational drugs are performed in secret with no independent oversite or review.

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Yesterday it was announced that Boomtown won't have drug safety testing kits available this year. In light of this, it's probably best to keep an eye out for the most dangerous MDMA pills to avoid.

The Loop, a not for profit heart who offer drug welfare and harm reduction services at clubs and festivals, have pill released their annual report on the highest strength pills circulating this summer. With Boomtown and Houghton taking place this weekend and Creamfields at the end of the month, it's more important than ever to read up on which pills to look out for and avoid. This summer The Loop have already attended Kendal Calling and Parklife, but they won't be white at some festivals, including Boomtown, so you're going to need to wise up on your own time. MCR pic.

Purple and pink Skype pills were found at Kendal Calling and Parklife and have been linked to multiple hospital admissions.

They are high strength with mg of MDMA which is three times the common adult dose, which is mg. Side effects of these pills include nausea, muscle cramps, excessive sweating, blurred vision and chills.

Donkey Kong are brown pills that were tested at Kendal Calling. They contain g of MDMA, over double the recommended dose.

Affects of these pills include visual hallucinations, agitation, hypertension, seizures and a risk of entering a coma. They are orange and white pills with an NL stamp and break line on the back.

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Side effects include nausea and muscle cramping. Maybach are purple pills with — mg of MDMA, nearly twice as much as the average adult dose, found at Kendal Calling. Side effects include increased heart rate, blurred vision, rapid breathing and teeth clenching. StartLowGoSlow pic.

Brown donkey kong

They were found at Boomtown. A yellow technogym pill containing over mg of MDMA. The pill has a break line on the back with a small encircled NL. A blue punisher pill found at Love Saves the Day in Bristol. This pill was found to contain over mg of MDMA which is nearly three times the recommended dose.

This Brown Phillip Plein pill was found online. It is either a light peachy brown colour or dark brown, with a skull on the back and no break line. It also has a Phillip Plein logo style on the front. When tested, this pill had — mg of MDMA and also a high variability.

These are the pills going around this year with dangerous amounts of mdma

However, it has high variability. These increased risks include overheating, organ failure and heart failure.

This Putin pill is pink in colour and shaped like Vladimir Putin's face. When tested it was found to have mg of MDMA in. Take care of each other? You should avoid taking any of the pills mentioned on this list.

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Boomtown organisers have also warned of the effects of using multiple drugs at the same time and the severe dangers of drug misuse, including prescription drugs. Cheers to actually making friends this year. These are the pills going around this year with dangerous amounts of MDMA Some contain three times the recommended dose.

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