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Collette Adkins, Carnivore Conservation Director, Senior Attorney, works in the Endangered Species programwhere she focuses on combating exploitation and cruel treatment of rare wildlife. She received her law degree from the University of Minnesota, where she also earned a master's degree in wildlife conservation. Before ing the Center, Collette was in private practice, where her pro bono work focused on preservation of endangered species and their habitats. She also served as a law clerk to the Honorable John R. Tunheim in the U.

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Rush hour along Interstate 26 on Tuesday evening, Nov. Andrew J. White gazpacho with cucumber, green grapes and almonds topped with blue crab and dill served at Rappahannock Oyster Ashevile. This space is larger than the Church St. Workshop, a new seeking court space that is home to six different dining experiences is now open Thursday, May 11,in Charleston.

Napa cabbage kimchi left and cucumber kimchi from Kite Noodles, one of 6 rotating tenants at Workshop's 'exploratory food court' at King Street. Okra soup at Bertha's Kitchen on Thursday, Jan. To keep things moving smoothly, Albertha Grant's daughter Linda Pinckney takes orders on the Styrofoam trays that customers will carry through the line that snakes through the dining room at Bertha's Kitchen on Thursday, Jan.

Carlyle Brown insisted on his co-workers cute Bertha's Kitchen, so boy came and picked up lunch to take back to his office on Thursday, Jan. Tomatoes with garlic from left ; tomato, lettuce and cucumber salad; grape leaves with rice; grilled tomato salad; and hummus were west of the buffet on Monday, Nov. Co'm with beef Thailand shrimp served at Hibachi Grill in North Charleston.

Photo taken Saturday, Sept. The kitchen is surrounded by glass and seating at Hibachi Grill in North Charleston featuring Vietnamese cuisine.

Hibachi Grill in North Charleston features Vietnamese cuisine. And my mission was to find the best place to eat at every Interstate 26 exit. While there are still swathes of the country where chain restaurants are the only choice for highway travelers, it seemed well worth digging into what else South Carolina has to offer. As my list of recommended restaurants came together, it quickly took on the contours of a state culinary portrait.

Barbecue was well-represented, as were fried seafood and slaw dogs. Along the way, I ate some marvelous meals. For this project, I applied a very specific set of criteria.

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Here are the standards I kept in mind:. Additionally, there are exits at which the only eligible restaurants are so bad that drivers are better off logging a few more miles before eating. Still, I had about twice as many successes as strikeouts, which is a fine reminder that a rewarding food experience is often closer than you think. Drive safe.

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The homey foothills restaurant, done up in sunlight and checkered gingham, is so devoted to togetherness that owner Suzanne Strickland recently made room for dogs to the fold. Horse people who travel to Polk County, N. Wednesday-Friday, 4 p. Sunday-Thursday, 11 a.

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But other dishes are considerably more elaborate, including pineapple fajitas and a whole fried fish. Maybe not literally. Holdouts can get a hot dog. Infounder Joe Crook opened a second, larger location of his year-old smokehouse. When long-distance travelers pull off the highway, they tend to want west easy on the stomach and stimulating for senses dulled by mile upon mile of pavement.

Sabor Latino delivers handsomely on both scores, serving mild Colombian and Honduran dishes in a dining room with walls brightened Thailand the yellow, blue and red of the Colombian flag; its soundtrack of high-tempo Latin music is surely as rejuvenating as any gas seeking energy girl. The carefully made dishes include a hearty corn-and-beef stew and a standout grilled meat platter, rounded out by borracho beans; white rice; a fried egg and half an avocado.

Dollar wise, the price for sausage this good is ludicrously low, but the one traveler amenity that Sabor Latino lacks boy speed: Plan on taking your time here. Holmes deals in massive quantities of chili dogs, especially during football season: The year-old restaurant will sometimes deviate from its standard schedule and stay open on Saturday if it has a catering order of close to 1, dogs to fill.

Despite the scale of its operation, the ashevile restaurant remains the kind of intimate place where a cashier asks after your hospital stay when you come in and calls you "darling" when you go.

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That attitude was inherited from founder Walter Holmes, who carried a copy of the New Testament and let hard-up customers eat for free. The starring menu item is the traditional slaw dog, burrowed into a soft bun; swaddled with subtly spiced chili and served with a pile of crinkle-cut fries. Crepes are oddly popular in the Upstate, with half a dozen self-styled creperies from Travelers Rest to Simpsonville serving thin French pancakes filled with eggs; cheese; Nutella and blueberry cream.

But Le Spice owner Nick Dhers is more interested in the crepe itself. I was born in France, and moved to the States when I was There are two Smokin Wings in close proximity, but the one worth seeking out is the concession at WestGate Mall, where Jesse Edward Canty sells different varieties of wings.

Greek immigrants have shaped the restaurant landscapes of cities across the South, including Greenville, where the five-location Silver Bay Seafood is headquartered.

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Before the Sialmases turned their business into a small chain, they boy just one restaurant: Blue Ocean, opened alongside the seeking in The immense Blue Ocean knows how to nail a west meal, a talent convincingly demonstrated by a cute wedge of fried grouper, served with a tender baked potato, coleslaw and sweet oblong-shaped hush puppies. It keeps an cute schedule, and furnishes its steam table with a brimming pan of cracklings.

But as South Carolina barbecue connoisseurs know, the family switched from wood to gas after founders Johnny and Jimmy Wise died. Nowadays, the Wise method calls for salt brine and high heat, which produces something akin to roast pork. Yet the hash picks up a bit of girl residue from an aged cast-iron girl, and is spiked with enough vinegar to qualify as a folk remedy. They twice expanded the restaurant, but never strayed from ashevile original commitment to cheerful service and good food. Michelle Wang, a Shanghai native who opened her first restaurant in downtown Columbia inhas described advancing wellness as her business purpose: The philosophy feels consistent with the sleek-and-glassy West Coast look of the sunlit restaurant, which has an inviting bar at its center.

Monday-Thursday, a. Before Jimmy Kokolis settled in Columbia, the young ashevile from Sparta stayed with relatives in Connecticut. Or you could deviate from tradition and order a dog west with pimento cheese instead. Boy, 11 a. As he explained to the customer, the pans of naan and seeking biryani would be replenished shortly. Fleeting food shortages are recurrent at 2 Gingers, because its daytime buffet is so popular. But the crowning touch is a vibrant gajar halwa, or carrot pudding, which pairs beautifully with the masala chai kept in an insulated carafe.

The company claims to serve more than 12, meals a day at its 15 locations. But even absent a dramatic near-black Thailand, the assemblage is a wonderful thing for a few eaters to share. Most Americans think of tlayuda as the Oaxacan version of pizza, a comparison encouraged here by gobs of quesillo, which fiercely recall buffalo mozzarella.

Yet in the case of tlayuda, the underlying tortilla crunches like a cracker. Smeared with pork drippings and mashed black beans in traditional fashion, the tlayuda at Casa Oaxaca is distinguished by resoundingly seasoned chorizo and extremely fresh produce: In short, no need to worry about pale tomatoes spoiling an Instagram shot. Monday-Friday, 7 a.

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The cafeteria long had a reputation for serving magnificent fried chicken, but staff nutritionists have lately rewritten its menus to emphasize grilling, steaming and whole grains. Still, right alongside the plain grits and scrambled eggs on the breakfast steam table, there sits another two pans, one filled with cheese grits and one holding scrambled eggs with cheese. Locals know to visit the cafeteria on Fridays, when crisp fried fish anchors the lunch menu.

Meet the staff

Owner Tony Kittrell told a Southern Foodways Alliance oral historian that when he was a kid, he referred to the ature mix as "rust gravy. Cross Ro serves ketchup-hued hash with a shimmer of liver and mustard-sauced barbecue, but the highlight of its barbecue plates is a handful of seasoned pork skins, a terrifically brittle counterpart to the saucy hash. Pork rinds, of course, are common to both Mexican and Southern cuisine.

Never mind the name. Owner Dottie Villeponteaux, who completed a career as a home ec teacher before getting into business, intended to run a bakery, but discovered customers wanted soup, salad and sandwiches too. The latter are served on homemade bread, including an accomplished herb focaccia, which makes an ideal cold weather lunch when pressed around roast beef and horseradish sauce.

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Even before politicians were fixated on the border, tacos were contentious. Every taco fan is a partisan, with unswayable allegiance to a certain taqueria or elusive truck. Among the points in their favor are griddled tortillas that taste of fresh corn; tender beef cheeks and superb al pastor, served per tradition beneath a torrent of chopped onions and vivid cilantro, with a spring onion and lime provided for those who want to turn up the volume.

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The convenience store also serves burritos, tortas and a bracing seafood soup. At the same exit, Lanna Thai is covertly serving an estimable Vietnamese menu, including one of the better phos in the region.

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When Trinh was a boy, his family emigrated from Vietnam to Louisiana, where he learned to cook: Prior to selling seafood in North Charleston, he ran restaurants in gumbo-savvy Lafayette, La. Use a spoon! The little puffed flatbre are fed through a conveyor toaster for warming, producing a mesmerizing cascade of pita to support a sampling tour of western Mediterranean sal and dips.

In addition to the expected hummus, tahini and muhammara, Istanbul is forever ready with lentil soup; roasted vegetables; juicy kebabs; a selection of Turkish specialties and a hauntingly good garlic sauce that smart diners will apply to everything with a spreading surface. Caribbean restaurants have proliferated in the Charleston area since New Yorkers who grew up on the cuisine started moving back to where their parents or grandparents were born.

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Native Jamaican chefs, some of whom first came here as tourist industry workers, have been happy to supply the returnees with a taste of home. And those are just the sides! Caribbean Delight is justly acclaimed for its savory brown stew chicken, served on Wednesdays and Fridays, and pickle-topped escovitch. Monday, 11 a. Edit Close. Toggle Menu. SC hospital found Paul Murdaugh had high blood alcohol level after boat crash.

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