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Do you want to log in to KIK Online without having to download an emulator?

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This site came about after frustration from articles, the lack of information, and background Web to get it to kik for you and your friends. What is Kik Messenger? When was the last time you got to chat with your friendificant client, or family wherever you are? Growing up, the extent of my social interaction with friends was seeing them at schoolcalling their house during the evening, or swinging by their house after school to play.

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Disclaimer : The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used in violation of your Kik Messenger terms of service. How long will it be until Kik Messenger releases an officially supported desktop version?


Nobody knows if one is even in development, but until then, we have fairly efficient substitutes that allow us to get Kik running on our Windows PCs and Macs, the most innovative of which is the web app, Manymo. Instead, it functions within your web browser itself, only requiring you to have the.

More than just an alternative to software emulation, Manymo is actually a preferred method among many users. The reasons that users prefer it correlate with the unique features that have allowed it to become popular, rather than just a niche service.

However, using Manymo requires a little bit of separate understanding than what it takes to use a typical emulator. Much in the same way that you can visit your favorite social client site, Web as Facebook, and have immediate access to it after logging in, so to can you access the emulated Android environment provided by Manymo. There are many throughput benefits that are a result of this software de. Have you ever been frustrated by the need to pause all of your activity to upgrade software to its most recent kik version?

Not with Manymo, since the emulator is entirely hosted on its own web servers. Manymo is exceptionally lightweight, and its memory demands will take place within the confines of your web browser, rather than a separate application. Manymo supports almost every popular mobile device resolution.

That being the case, I highly recommend that you use a client device to first set up your own Kik profile. Rather than just a place to download software, this will be the launching point for your Manymo experience Web time that you want to kik an Android app. It might seem strange at first, especially for those accustomed to launching an emulator from their desktop, but the benefits will reveal themselves after only a short amount of use.

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This will allow you to start the Android emulator with a prepared version of Kik Messenger that you can use in your browser. Without the.

From within this window, you can drop your downloaded. As soon as the emulator window is up and running with your freshly downloaded Kik. Every time your profile is logged out of Kik, your chat history—including any media such as photos or videos—is wiped clean.

The only element of your profile that will remain saved is your contact list. Currently, Manymo remains the best option by which to access Kik Messenger from your web browser.

Users looking to avoid the necessary software installation that comes along with most emulators will find a very capable alternative in Manymo, even if the accompanying price tag for less limited access might come as a surprise.