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We hook up then he ignores me, I then guy that hook ignores

By: Patricia Oelze. Medically Reviewed By: Alvina Acquaye.

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Ok so me and this guy been hooking up for months he told me he was looking for more and then whenbhe realized he was getting stronger feelings for me he held then and started talking to another girl we stopped hooking up and the next week we started hooking up again I didn't ask him about that girl um not sure if I should we talk a lot but when we hook up he won't talk to me for a few days it's like whiplash he says all these nice things to me and hooks me feel good is he just using me for sex should I talk to him see were this might go I don't know What to do should I stop hooking up with him I really do like him a lot and I do see a future ignore him should I tell him or just keep all this to myself and leave it as is. He's not some random hook up We went on two dates already and we've been talking for about a month now and yeah I do want a relationship with him. No we never talked about Relationship stuff guess it might be a good idea to do that.

How old am I 39

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15 people explain why they ghosted someone after sex

What do you do when a man ignores you? Quiz: What is your feminine energy score? Want to stop wasting time and make sure you get the high quality man and dream relationship you want sooner rather than later? Apply for coaching with me here! What does it mean when a man ignores you?

There are three primary reasons a man ignores a woman and it has to do with the context surrounding this. This usually happens when you have been involved in a conflict with a man.

Guy ignoring me after hooking up multiple times!?!

A lot of men will need some alone time to think. A lot of times women will go into a conversation to talk about the problem and reach some sort of conclusion through talking about it.

Men are not this way, men want to think about the problem, come to a solution and then talk about the solution instead. Perhaps you have just sent him a long message but the message is unclear: do you mean you want to break up? Or are you trying to have a go at him?

You could… through thinking yourself into a frenzy… end up sending more messages, messages that could really screw up your chances with him. The thinking part has to stop and my tip for how to stop thinking about him is first…. Use that time to be productive instead of sitting there thinking up the worst-case scenarios, driving yourself insane, and end up saying something you will regret.

Now let me know ladies, in the comment section below, what was the longest time frame you have gone where you have ignored a guy.

He ignores me after we have sexwhy?

Let me know that in the comments below! If he just wanted sex and you want a relationship feel free ladies to ignore him indefinitely. If you are in a relationship and he comes back from pulling away, comes back from being a bit distant, do not ignore him.

That is very immature, very childish and that is not how to adults have a proper relationship. When he comes back ideally you want to be open to him and listen to him. Go back to the initial problem that you were talking about. Play that scenario out to the end.

These steps are just the tip of the iceberg on how to tap into your feminine energy your feminine energy is the most powerful source within you and it is the thing that really makes men, genuinely and deeply for in love with you and wanna be with you forever. Watch this video on youtube here. Hey SAS-sy Beauty!

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