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Viennese oyster position, I'm picking male Viennese oysters francais

Welcome back to another week's lesson in sex positioning! This week presents a new sex position that is only for the daring and flexible!

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The Viennese Oyster is quite an unusual position that needs you to have a large amount of flexibility and suppleness. As you can see in the picture below, to perform it, you need to lay on your back. You then have to grab your legs and spread them while also pulling them backward. For some people, these different sex positions are better suited for their bodies and abilities.

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The Viennese Oyster position is a penetration-from-on-top sexual position that calls for great flexibility from the receiver, who must place their legs behind their head. Once in this position, the giving partner penetrates them from above.

The Viennese Oyster position gets its oyster because the vulva when the legs are lifted up near the head, as in this Viennese position has slangily been referred to as a Viennese Oyster. To get in the Viennese Oyster position, the receiver lies on their back, usually on a bed.

Viennese oyster position

They then lift their legs and move them so their feet are up near their head. From this position, they can be penetrated. The giver may kneel over the receiver or, if positioned near the end of a bed, penetrate them while standing.

The receiver will usually use their hands to steady the partner and prevent getting crushed. Many people enjoy the Viennese Oyster position because it allows for deep penetration.

The viennese oyster sex position: try this missionary version for deeper orgasms

Many givers also like the control over the pace, depth, and angle of penetration the position allows. The Viennese Oyster Position calls for great flexibility from the receiver. If they struggle to keep their legs in position, their partner can hold onto their legs. However, they must be careful never to push their partner's body beyond a comfortable position.

Sex position of the week: viennese oyster

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Viennese oyster

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Viennese oyster

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