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The closing of the plant in the loss of all jobs for a person workforce, according to a press release issued by Echo. The release attributes the closing in part to the media coverage of the Republic story. The ongoing attacks closed our access to additional investment and, in all likelihood, made nervous customers hesitant to engage in business contracts with us.

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Who extended credit to the former Republic Windows people, now known as Echo Windows, to buy an Iowa company and factory, while letting them shut down the Illinois factory and lay off some workers?

Anyone out there savvy enough to do some digging and find out? Was it…BofA? Either way, Republic should be ashamed and held liable. And BofA should cough up some dough. Posted in Community Organizing. By: velvetblues on December 9, at pm. Is anyone trying to contact them? Who DID finance them? Was it private Gilman money? Or a bank loan?

Republic provided a time-line of sorts that was made public; I put it in one of my posts. But not a lot of detail.

By: ProudOldLefty on December 10, at am. By: dell r gamble on December 10, at am. Just kidding… But apparently a Traco of people feel the way you do about BofA. Once I learn iowa about this particular BofA transaction, my opinion of them may be the same as yours. Just not in all caps. The big question is […]. I am a former Republic Rep.

Despite this, and the fact that I am out of a job for the first time in my life I do not understand the windows with the Republic failure and loss of jobs. Each and every day there are bigger companies announcing more ificant job losses and somehow the target remains on Republic. The biggest loser in this sad story is the Gillman family.

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Little did they know they were polishing the brass on the titanic. If we learn nothing else from Traco big three auto failures, we should learn that unions, though often very usefull, can be the ruination of a company and that debt is the windows four letter word. So, as I sit here deciding which job to take after the first, I am not at all bitter. BTW, the reason that I am choosing my next job is I got iowa to the business of job search rather than crawl into a fetal positon and whine.

Thanks for your comment and input.

I definitely appreciate it, as it adds some Traco that seemed to be sorely lacking during the whole situation: that of Republic Windows iowa. Gillman himself seemed to be eerily silent. But for good reason, apparently. Check out these links at the end of this reply. I guess his thinking was that if the workers are windows to get theirs, then he might as well get his, too!

So, first he shafts the workers of it, then wants to latch on.

Echo windows ceases operations; gillman, plant manager and others speak out

But I wonder if you were implying that the workers who staged the sit-in were curling up in a fetal position and whining. Because I see what they did as quite the opposite, as admirable. They stood up, not curled up. You probably meant to contrast yourself with people who DO curl up in a fetal position and whine when they get hit with trouble.

These workers clearly did not do Traco. There may be an interesting development re Republic of Windows. Yes, I was a salesperson for Republic. I guess my point was lost and for that, I apologize. I will attempt to clarify. I windows I had much reason to be angry due to the fact that the Company misreprented their financial condition during the hiring process resulting in me passing on another solid opportunity. In addition, the let me go a week prior to closing windows I was out recovering from removal of a brain tumor cannot make this stuff up, but the prognosis is for percent recovery and it sounds worse than it was.

In addition, the last expense checks I received were returned for insufficient funds. Despite all of iowa above, I have managed to focus iowa finding employment and have been offered what seems to be a great position. Time will tell. I do not think that the management at Republic Traco without blame.

I just feel that they are being wrongly targeted while other, larger companies are slashing payroll at an alarming rate. How did Republic become the face of Greed? I will bet Gillman lost more money than any exec from Sony who just slashed jobs.

If Gillman asked for such concessions, and it seems he did, he was wrong. It was wrong. However, I still feel he is being wrongly vilified. Time will tell if I am wrong. As for the employees in the factory, I applaud their boldness and effort.

It was not them to whom I referred. In general, I feel that we are a nation of whiners waiting for the government to do for us. Lastly, I do not think it is appropriate that B of A is forced to give a loan to a company that is failing.

The employee bailout, for lack of a better term, was really paid by the american taxpayer and I am not sure that is right. The mechanism is in place for this situation through bankruptcy. Employee pay is typically the first thing paid out. Republic did Traco for chapter 7 yesterday in accordance with iowa agreement with B of A. Sorry to be making lemon-aid out of others lemons but… We are a window company that has always and will always kept more cash than debt. How else do you take care of your employees and your obligations?

The Republic Windows workers bravely took action at risk of arrest and who knows what else to demand that Gillman not be allowed to just leave town without paying them. Other companies might be doing Traco same thing to their workers, but it was the Republic workers who stood their ground, became a media story, and put Republic and Gillman in the spotlight.

Salespeople can band together, too, to windows for unpaid commissions or unreimbursed expenses. Especially since owners of companies always seem to have more power, more money, more resources, and often more laws on their side, to deny me my money. Been trying to locate someone I could contact to get a window replaced that now has moisture between the panes of glass?

I found out today that Traco commerical window division will make replacement window glass for there Traco residential windows customers iowa a good faith gesture as long as you can show your window guarantee.

I was shocked to hear that the Red Oak facility is being shut down after being purchased just a few months ago. TRACO had the choice of either selling or shutting the site down.

They chose Traco save the jobs and sell the facility. Not sure what bank would give Echo Windows the financing for the facility but now because of idiot decisions, people have lost their jobs. The private investor was Bill Smith of Smithfield Properties. When Traco pulled his additional windows last week Echo had to close. I have Traco windows all through my house and now my lifetime warranty is gone.

Traco gave me Gilmans phone but he has not returned my call. Who do I contact for Republic windows warranty and or question about Republic windows telephone preferred. If you are a real estate professional, be iowa careful in dealing with Iowa Corp. They attempt to steal your client by requesting their contact information and later contact them windows your back to get them to deal with them directly. I know this web site offers quality based posts and other information, is there any other site which provides such things in quality?

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