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Tips on manscaping, Manscaping girl looking up male to tip

There was a time when the amount of body hair was directly proportional to masculinity but that equation was changed long back. Every Bollywood actor who once flaunted body hair has now shaved it all. The ways of manscaping, too, are changing with time.

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Manscaping is, we would like to establish right off the bat, a kind of ridiculous word. But the concept of manscaping—as in, body grooming—is a perfectly reasonable one.

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No one wants to spend a full half-hour manscaping, only to then spend an unattractive week trying not to scratch. Read the article. How to manscape downstairs 1.

1. have the right tool

But that added effort brings certain rewards — the least of which is highlighting your natural gifts. Start with the key steps below:. Begin with some basic shaving prep. Before manscaping, shower, dry off, cool down and have a quick comb through the hair to remove any knots.

Use the right razor for manscaping & go slow

Make the work easy for your trimmer and yourself. Pull skin taut, and trim first with the direction of hair growth, then against. A well-placed mirror will help. Take care. Manscaping the groin is a serious business.

Shower before manscaping

Take your time. Use short, light strokes, and avoid very sensitive areas. Use a trimmer deed for manscaping. What you need.

Play Pause. Our most advanced bodygroomer Be well-groomed from head to toe while protecting your skin For a close and comfortable body shave Trims hair in every direction Protects skin while shaving or trimming 80 minutes cordless use after a 1-hour charge See all benefits.

Start on a longer length setting.

The 7 best manscaping tips for shaving your balls and everywhere else

Then bring the length down as needed, with shorter settings on the border between hair and closely-shaven skin. Stop and check your progress as you go.

Cool off. Aftercare can be the difference between successful manscaping and … unsuccessful manscaping. Rinse off with cool water, pat dry with a soft towel and finally apply a light, unscented lotion. Keep it up.

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Repeat your groin grooming routine every days, or as often as needed, to keep everything tidy. Some bonus manscaping tips:. How can I prevent itching and irritation while manscaping?

The default preference seems to be a little trimming and grooming, but with a decent amount of hair left over. But ask your partner — she might surprise you.

2. pick the right length

The brave at heart can spice things up with an all-over shave, but even basic border care goes a long way. Check out our full-body guide to get detailed manscaping tips for the back, shoulder, chest and treasure trail.

Face first Explore our full range of tools to shave, groom and style. See all.

What does manscaping mean?

Where should guys shave? How to shave your chest hair Read the article.

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How do you best groom all that body hair?

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