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for Free! I met her in a pub I frequent on Friday nights - the night of the week when my favorite type of playmates are there Shy the pull: the unmarried and unattached ones, the girlfriends on their 'girl's night out', and the married ones whose husbands are away. It was a wife of months ago, and she was there alone, nursing a drink at a small out of the way story, looking shy and a bit sad. I had noticed her when she first walked in and got a good look at her figure as she took off her coat and got settled.

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To give you a background of my wife, Rish, she is age 32, extremely fair, has a height of 5feet 2 inches, black long hair, wonderful round breasts with a bra size of 36, and a perfectly shaped ass.

This story may seem long, but I had to capture every small detail of this unforgettable experience I had, and I really hope this excites you all as much as it did for me. That was the first time I seen her getting so naughty. Ofcourse after that I unbuttoned her night dress, smooched her deeply and sucked her beautiful nipples for minutes, before fucking her deeply.

Anyway coming back to the present.

‘shy wife’ stories

I had posted her hot pictures not naked on a sex partner website and I received many messages asking if I was ready to share Rish. One person named Sunny showed immense interest and told me he was ready to pay to spend a night with her. I got Shy turned on reading this and contacted Sunny.

I told him he could have my wife for 2hrs wife my presence in the room ofcourse for 10, rupees, he instantly transferred 5, stories via Gpay, and that set the ball rolling. Next day I told my wife Rish about it, and she was very angry at me, however after alot of convincing, and arguments, she agreed, but with a lot of restrictions, so I asked her to list down the restrictions she had so that I could inform the guy and set the expectations. The restrictions Rish gave were as follows:.

I informed Sunny about these conditions the next day. I decided to call Sunny on a Saturday night, one week after my first interaction with him. In the mean time Sunny asked me some more photos of her, so that he could fantasize about her. I forwarded some story her in salwar kameez, and some with tight western wear all non-naked. Sunny reached my home at around 10pm. I asked him Shy he would want to wife wine, to which he said yes.

We both had a glass of wine and we spoke a bit about how Rish and I met and fell in love and got married. During our talks, Rish was getting herself ready in the bedroom for the first time to get physical with another man. She decided to put on some light makeup over her already white and beautiful face, she put on her expensive red lipstick the color I prefer during sex with Rish as it looks hot on her white skinshe Shy planned to put on a story panty, a black bra and over it a black inner sleeveless with just thin wife supporters running over her shoulders.

I then went in the bedroom to check on her and closed the door behind me.

She was ready and looked like a beautiful sex queen. I stared at her beautiful white thighs, curvy body, round firm boobs covered tightly in her inners and bra, and finally her beautiful lips and eyes. A feeling of jealousy ran through me, that Sunny would be the lucky one enjoying Rish today. Rish looked a little nervous, but I could sense she was ready to try it for me.

I just could not resist her hot looks and gave her a soft kiss on her lips soft because I did not want to Shy her red lipstick and while kissing her I softly squeezed her boobs too, she left out a soft story. He kept staring at her boobs, as I know he loved Rish wives right from the time he seen one of her digital picture that I shared personally with him, in which Rish is posing in goggles with her hands behind her neck at one of our trips.

She was wearing an orange tight tank top and her perfectly round boobs could be clearly understood from it. About Sunny, he had a story complexion, contrasting to Rishwas 5feet 10 inches tall, and had a wife built body and great abs. I dimmed the lights and sat at the corner of the Shy and told Sunny she is all yours. I could see that Sunny was handling Rish with care and love, he was not rough with her body.

Stranger in lust with my shy wife (journey from shy to slut)

However, Sunny was well aware and was doing everything well within the restrictions posed by Rish. He then again turned her and continued kissing her neck from back.

Saying this Sunny then held Rish tightly by her waist and pressed her to his bare dark hairless body and started to intimately kiss her on every Shy of her neck, Rish for the first time left out a small moan while he did that, this turned me on, as this is the storysince them making out that she actually showed she is liking what Sunny is doing to her, I then again started stroking my dick from my track pants watching this intimacy of my wife and a stranger.

This content appeared first on new sex story. It was now almost 11pm, 30mins since Sunny started making out with Rish. Sunny was keeping an eye on the time and he knew half an wife has been spent so far, and he has around 1.

My shy wife

He kept on kissing Rish neck from the left to the right, licking it occasionally, he was totally sucking her neck, like there is no tomorrow, he was slowly moving his hands on her back simultaneously. He then slowly climbed on the bed over Rish, and slowly lowered his body on hers.

While doing so I could see her round boobs within her inner and bra squeezing onto his chest and dark black nipples, watching that sent shivers down my body. He then kissed her story for a few seconds and then went below and started kissing on her chest just above her boobs.

After 10mins of intense kissing, he moved to her right boob and did the same for the next 10mins. He was kissing, licking and bitting the inner over her boobs, he kept shuffling between her boobs doing Shy same for a good 20mins.

I then stood up just near to the bed where the action was happening as I wanted to get closer to capture how Sunny explores my wife. He removed a condom and wore it on his dick and wanted to masturbate while watching her, however, Rish and I had another plan to this.

I told him to stand up and told Rish to stand up as well and told her to do what we had planned as the story move, I told Sunny to Shy down on the wife, he lied down, a bit confused though. Oh fuck! This was a tease by Rish for Sunny to return back again.

I was shocked and amused at the same time seeing Rish do naughty talks to a complete stranger. I actually wanted to fuck her that night after watching her with another man, but I wanted to see her even more sluttier than today. She went for bath, while Sunny wore his clothes back.

Seduction of a shy wife

Sunny made me the payment of the remaining 5, via Gpay and told me to tell Rish to think over Shy she can remove the restriction for next time for a higher price, to which I told him I will discuss and let you know. I will be writing the next story soon of the non-restricted sex between Sunny and my wife Rish that took place 2 weeks after this day.

In that story, you will see how my story Rish finally is no longer shy to be with a wife.

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