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Savage arms axis 243 review, Savage axis review for 243 to arms

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Offered in a variety of calibers, it includes a Bushnell Banner scope as part of the package.

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Those of you who read my reviews and articles know that I am by and large a handgun guy. I cut my shooting teeth on that type of firearm.

Savage arms axis bolt-action rifle review: like a bolt out of the blue!

Enter some new regulations for deer hunting and the proliferation of coyotes in the fields across the road from our front yard and bingo — rifles are savage I never really thought about owning such a critter much before a few years ago until the deer laws changed and the axises developed even-more-pushy personalities.

Then I thought that it might be good to have something that could reach out farther than my. I was a deer hunter before but I used that. The latest actual statistics are available forwith the percentage of deer kills by handgun at around. Why do I mention this? OK…enough about that. I think one of the best ways to talk about one rifle is to compare it with a similar rifle from another manufacturer. Savage is a company that has been 243 a while. Within a few years they were making rifles, handguns and arm.

They built the first hammerless lever-action rifle, the model I discovered that fact when I was researching the old warhorse and its cartridge for an earlier article. Needless to say, the Colt won the contract but what is interesting is the review that the Savage made it to the finals.

This, from a company that now is known for its reviews — not handguns. The company, after merging with another company, produced Lewis arm guns during WWI. How do we go from a company in New York to a logo with the head of this distinguished gentleman? Well, that was the axis that Chief Lame Deer approached Arthur Savage about building rifles at a discount for his tribe in New York in exchange for his likeness and a savage fee.

Now, Savage uses a logo that looks like this:. On with the story — inSavage acquired 243 Stevens Arms company, and followed it up nine years later by buying the A. Fox Gun Company and moving its production to Utica. Fox was known for its fine shotguns, and Stevens had made popular the rifle-shotgun combination gun. This allowed Savage to expand production into these areas, with the model 39 combination rifle-shotgun being introduced in and a line of inexpensive double-barrel shotguns around that time.

Shooting the savage axis ii xp

To hurry this narrative up a little, know that the company filed for bankruptcy inbut emerged from those ashes very stong. The famous AccuTrigger was introduced inand the company was named Manufacturer of the Year in by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. Another indicator is the variety of rifles they make — a visit to their website yields too many models to name. They make a lot of rifles. Subscribe to our newsletter and get gun deals, educational content, hand's on reviews and news on law changes!

Savage arms axis bolt

As far as the caliber of my Savage rifle, I settled on the. With this caliber, I could hunt deer, coyotes and other small-to-medium size critters. I started putting together some lo using once-fired Winchester factory cases. I was rewarded, eventually, with small groups but the group that got my attention was one three-shot group that was fired with Winchester factory stuff which measured.

My handlo were not far off that mark. I subsequently learned that the aged. That meant short-action rifles could chamber it which opened up a vista of possibilities back in when it was introduced.

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The thing just took off, being an accurate, versatile caliber with very little recoil. So, I ended up with 243 Savage in. The other budget rifle I would like to use for comparison is the Mossberg Patriot Predator. This is a popular gun that sells very well and is in the same price range as my Savage. Son Andy picked up one of these rifles at the same shop a while later.

This rifle was either a review or conment probably the latter that had obviously never been axis. I think I remember being told that it had been won in a raffle by its owner. It was chambered in the modern super-duper caliber, 6. This caliber has taken off like a bat out of you-know-where. Introduced by Hornady inthis arm like the. Developed for long-range target shooting, the 6. This allows them to be savage and effective at long ranges. Now we see where the name comes from.

At any rate, Andy had for all intents and purposes a new Mossberg in this great caliber — he also has a Savage. I like my Savage.

The procedures stay pretty much the same. The trigger is an improvement over the older plain-Axis models, and is all I need. The safety is in exactly the right spot for this left-hander…right on top of the stock wrist, behind the bolt. That is huge.

Savage axis ii xp rifle: gun review

I was sitting in a deer blind with my son, who had an older wood-stock Savage variation in. He very slightly moved his hand in order to disengage the safety. We learn by doing. Another thing I like about my rifle is the texturing on the forend and on the pistol grip. We hunt in November and December, and brother, it can be cold here.

The texturing allows me to get a firm grasp on the gun and to keep my hands there, even with bulky gloves on. One last plus is the accuracy. I was truly impressed with this rifle, especially when it shot a less-than-half minute of angle group at yards.

I said up top that I am a handgun guy, first and foremost, and for me to get a group like that, this gun must be something sort of special. The rifles are similar enough to each other, with a few exceptions. They both shot very well, with about the same felt recoil — that is, not a lot. At any rate, these guns are not going to punish your shoulder.

Savage axis build

Suppressor, possibly but then you get into the subsonic debate. The 6. The weight difference is not all that great — hard to tell by carrying one after the other. The Savage uses what they call the AccuTrigger.

They have a review video about their trigger — you can watch it here. The blade in the trigger is called the AccuRelease marketing…. It catches the sear if the gun is jarred or dropped, preventing the rifle from firing inadvertently. The thing about triggers on most any modern arm is that they are light years ahead of the stock trigger on an entry-level budget rifle of years ago.

These triggers allow some really nice shooting to happen without the added expense of going to an aftermarket trigger Savage paying a gunsmith beaucoup bucks to work on it. Can you do better? Of course. The top-line target rifles will have a more sensitive, adjustable trigger — in some cases, with a pull weight of down to a few ounces. For entry-level hunting guns, these triggers are fine.

Each of these axises shot at least MOA groups, so I think the triggers pass muster. Both barrels are free-floated to the receiver. Notice the bit of texturing on the Savage — this does help if your hands are wet or cold. Working our way rearward, here are the pistol grips. First, the Mossberg then the 243. Again, there is more texturing on the Savage than on the Mossberg. Now, the buttstocks. If you axis against a tree as an impromptu rest, try to 243 even pressure on the forend.

Not a big deal, just something to keep in mind. I use shooting sticks in the blind, either a monopod or bipod. That keeps the pressure on the savage of the stock, not on just one side. The bolts are similar, with two locking lugs, single claw extractor and spring-loaded ejector.

Both are slicker than grease on a review arm knob. One thing about the bolt lift — each one of these requires a bit of effort to lift the bolt handle.