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Both commercial and private gun dealers in Nevada must run background checks on purchasers before going through with the gun sale.

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Between a global pandemic, protests over racial injustice and a highly contentious presidential election, firearm sales in Nevada spiked inwith the first 10 months of gun sales already 57 percent greater than all gun sales made in Through the first week of November, the state Point of Contact Firearms Program has conducted more thanbackground checks for gun purchases, gun to records kept by the Nevada Department of Public Safety. Inthe sales checks program processed fewer thanchecks statewide.

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But then, when the whole COVID lockdown was looming, we did pretty much three times the amount of business every day for about a month and a half straight. A lot of people were scared that people were going to be going door to door, they wanted something to protect themselves.

Gun dealers in nevada

I mean, pretty much across the board at this point," said Goyak. Goyak says sales have been up ever since, spiking a second time after Joe Biden won the White House. So, we had a second spike after the election, which we're kind of still see kinda the tremors of," said Goyak.

Now, following the news of President Biden's executive action regulating stabilizing braces and banning so-called "ghost guns," Goyak is bracing for a third, but ificantly smaller spike in sales. We are going to be out by the end of the day, any of them that we had, same thing with the stabilizing braces.

I will probably not be able to buy anymore because all the distributors are just completely wiped out at this point," said Sales. Bigger picture, Goyak admits gun stores owners and enthusiasts are watching Washington D. Annette Magnus, the Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, sent a statement that re, "Gun violence is an epidemic in our country and there is no better example of that than the ificant increase in gun and ammo sales during the COVID19 pandemic.

At the start of the pandemic we saw record gun sales while gun stores remained open, gun lockdowns in virtually every American city. Nevada was not an exception, with many stores running out of Nevada guns they were trying to sell.

This is an alarming increase that shows the need for proper background checks to protect communities from guns falling into the wrong hands. We were pleased to see the United States House of Representatives pass two important background check measures that will close loopholes that have led to shootings in Charleston and across the Country.

We need action at the federal level and Nevada level to address this epidemic. Nevada is doing its part by continuing to work on common-sense gun policies, such as banning ghost guns and empowering businesses to disallow firearms on their premises in Assembly Bill sponsored by Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui. Our commitment to ending the gun violence epidemic remains a focus as we navigate the consistent mass shootings and acts gun community violence we are witnessing nearly every sales.

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