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In a rush and just need a snappy sushi caption quickly for your Insta post?

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The sushi chef has already placed the proper amount of wasabi for the fish in nigiri. If you bite halfway, the balance will be lost.

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Eat it between different kinds of nigiri. Make a reservation at Morimoto.

The sushi bar is the place for people to enjoy sushi —where else can you watch the chef make your meal and talk to them at the same time? Do take your time and enjoy interacting with the chef. Some fish freeze well. If fish is coming from Japan, it goes through a broker and the FDA and is shipped to a supplier. No one would ask that in a French or Italian restaurant.

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Chopsticks are okay, but you have to be careful with how you use them. Make a reservation at Ichi Sushi. Any time you like you can offer them beer, wine, or sake.

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A couple glasses are fine. In Japan, the service fee is included, but not in the U. At Omakase Chef Yu always has some a la carte stuff, and on the weekend there is more available, such as dragonfish from Hokkaido, something he introduces that at the end of the meal. Sushi is about the rice. We make it super soft; my style is to make it with air inside, so if you use your hands you have better control.

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The menu, and, therefore, the experience will be different every single time and will largely be based on whatever fish was available on that given day. Of course, sake is a natural option. Make a reservation at Pabu.

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Dining at a sushi bar is a great opportunity to try new things and learn more about sushi. Do ask questionsthe chef will be happy to talk to you.


Do ask for a new pair of chopsticks if you see a splinter in the wood. There are so many core ingredients that you should be aware of: Rice, vinegar, seaweed, soy sauce, wasabi, ginger, and so on.

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Any good sushi restaurant can purchase an expensive fish, but to know how to make great sushi rice to create a perfect connection between the rice and sushi ingredients is the key. It is really crazy how much time and energy chefs put into the rice.

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The biggest compliment for the chef is when someone shows appreciation for the rice. Make a reservation at Sushisamba.

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It overpowers the flavor of the fish. Make sure you are just dipping, rather than soaking, the fish. Also, people often make the mistake of adding too much wasabi to their soy sauce and it becomes a paste.

Sushi captions for instagram | + ‘crabtivating’ sushi quotes

To avoid this, chef Kobayashi recommends putting a little wasabi directly on the sushi, then dipping it in the soy sauce. That means sake, beer, or green tea. The Ume Matsu is a selection of five different fish served sashimi style over rice with different accompaniments or sauces and is especially great for guests who are not sushi aficionados. This gives a unique experience without having to know what to order because it allows them to try a few different things on the same plate.

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What are you best sushi etiquette tips? Amy Sherman is a San Francisco-based writer, editor, blogger, and cookbook author. She is the publisher of the food blog Cooking with Amy. Follow her cookingwithamy.

And sushi is just one of them

Make a reservation at Omakase. Make a reservation at Roku. February 24, March 23, April 17, Hungry for more?

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