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Long hair martial arts, Ukrainian art hair up men to relationship

Martial Arts Planet. Fighting with long hair.

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Jump to Latest Follow. ed Mar 4, In fact, any kind of movement and its amplified on a fighter with long hair, whether it be a hit, a slam, a takedown etc.

ed Jun 21, Why would it matter if the hair reverberates? That doesn't increase damage. I'm not sure why you see the hair as a disadvantage. ed Oct 8, Hairs a disadvantage more because it gets in your eyes and distracts you. Just look at Guida vs Griffin.

Fighting with long hair.

Clay kept on having to sweep it out of his eyes and numerous times he had to eat a jab because of it. At the end of the day its the fighters choice, but seriously at least tie that shit back or something. Its dumb to risk losing a fight over something so stupid. Wise said:.

ed Jul 4, ed Jan 7, Guida is an excellent example ed May 8, Evan Tanner got distracted by his long hair when he lost his title to Ace. ed Feb 4, Z-man-mma-fan said:. ed Jun 2, ed Mar 21, If you ever watched the Kimbo fight with Dre he would have seen that uppercut coming if his hair was all in his face.

The struggle of an athletic longhair

ed Feb 5, ed Jun 11, I used to have long hair, and it was thick, white guy afro style hair too. It is harder to fight and train with long hair. Also if you get in a street fight it is definately not a good idea.

ed Oct 4, It gets into your eyes and when you can't see your opponent you are screwed. Negative1 said:. ed May 27, Arlovski seems to have lost his fire when he lost his hair.

Long hair = huge disadvantage in fighting

Arlovski needs to grow his hair back and then dominate the HW division. I understood that. My question is why you feel that is a disadvantage. If the long haired fighter appears to be more damaged than he is, his opponent will falsely believe that which would give the long haired fighter the advantage - since he's not as hurt as he appears.

I'm still uncertain as to why you feel it's a disadvantage. the discussion.

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