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Brandon. Jasmine Weatherby Legislative Aide.

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Jasmine. Tel: District 8 Website. Rubel Avenue was not mentioned once that I can recall during the entire Louisville Fire Department budget conversation. Naturally, this surprised, concerned and raised questions for me. What capabilities are reduced? What risks are increased? I asked Chief Gregory Frederick for an explanation.

The following has been edited for length and clarity:. I understand your concerns about the conversion of Engine 11 and Truck 7 to a single quint company; any reduction in public safety resources can be detrimental to the citizens in our community. Rather than closing a firehouse with a single unit, like Engine 1 on Grade Lane, which would leave a gap in coverage and create longer response times, we chose to combine two units in what we call a double house into a single quint unit.

There are only six double houses in the LFD that house both an engine company and a truck company together, and of those six, Engine 11 and Truck 7 have the lowest combined run volume. The Louisville Division of Fire currently operates two other quint companies in firehouses that formerly had a separate engine and truck, but were combined into a quint due to budget and lower run volumes: Quint 9 at Fincastle Road and Quint 10 at Dutchmans Lane.

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The quint apparatus has been a mainstay in the fire service for many years, including here in Louisville. While it is a larger apparatus, it is still maneuverable in an urban setting. The issue of starting firefighting operations is also a concern any time you reduce personnel because it requires additional units from surrounding firehouses to complete certain tasks. However, when there are occupants trapped in a fire, we can still start rescue operations immediately, without delay. The second truck company due into that area currently is Quint 10, Quint 9 or Tower 2.

The Division of Fire monitors our statistical data, including response times, run volume and other important information as we strive to meet National Fire Protection Association Standards and a Standard of Cover in our accreditation process. It is our intent to provide the best service possible with the funding and resources we are provided in order to protect our citizens and their property.

I hope you find this response informative, and please understand we are doing our best during these difficult times. Chief Gregory W. I have complete confidence in the Chief and his department. There are 10 stations within a few miles of the Highlands. LFD has an ongoing Home Safety Check program that includes smoke detector checks and installation, which it is reviewing data and maps of areas in District 8. There is no reason to panic but we should all be concerned because the ificant increase in pension contributions from Louisville Metro Government to Kentucky Retirement Systems will increase again next fiscal year.

for more information on Louisville Fire. Without adequate technical support to ensure the integrity of the PB process, ability concerns outweigh the many positives that come from it. This is not the end of PB, however, but only the beginning.

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The McNary Group will present its report on our pilot at an August 29th celebration event. In two weeks, our summer intern Spencer Schumacher will take a turn writing while I am away from the office again. Thank you, Jasmine and Spencer. For breaking news and information, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have a question or comment, please call me at: or : [ protected] and copy [ protected]. If you have a service request, please call MetroCall at: or visit Metro online. Visit the District 8 Strategic Plan here.

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In this space, we provide updates on major projects and report on upcoming scheduled and funded streets and other infrastructure improvements. A month ago, I detailed the initial list of District 8 road pavings planned for the new fiscal year — there were 10 of them — and promised more to come as a result of the Google Fiber situation. The Department of Public Works has now reviewed all Metro-owned and maintained ro that Google Fiber disturbed in District 8 and prescribed the following restorations:.

Eight ro will receive some combo of the above. The additional pavings include seven ro ly planned by DPW for FY and FYso Public Works will replace those ro with other, new ro in a revised three-year paving plan The master pavings list 61 total also includes 13 ro ly funded by Metro, which monies are being reallocated to construct ADA curb ramps and turn more Type 2 restorations into Type 3 restorations. District 8 Google Fiber Restitution Plan.

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I want to tell you about two new pieces of legislation I filed recently. The first is an ordinance creating a Louisville Metro Commission for Persons with Disabilities, which sailed out of the Government Oversight and Audit Committee yesterday and will be passed by the Metro Council on the anniversary eve of the Americans with Disabilities Act being ed into law on July 26, All people should be able to live freely and move safely through our community and I hope the Commission will improve equitable access to every opportunity our city has to offer.

The second item is a resolution asking the Planning Commission to consider t he elimination of minimum parking requirements in the Land Development Code. This is likely to be controversial and take a while to sort out but I think it is critical to revitalizing urban neighborhoods and reorienting the transit system. Scroll forward to the mark and I promise you will enjoy. The resolution will be introduced at the Metro Council meeting on July 25th; the Planning Commission has until the end of February to report back.

City events

Scheduling information is subject to change. Please let us know if you observe any discrepancies in projects reported as completed.

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Visit the District 8 Streets Information here. In this space, we report on District 8 planning and zoning activity from the past two weeks and, also, preview activity scheduled for the next two weeks. The Bowman Area Neighborhoods Plan is moving right along.

Our community workshop in May garnered a lot of public input. We have scheduled a second open house Saturday, August 24th at am, at the Bowman Field Administration Building Taylorsville Rdto share the proposed elements of the plan with the public and seek community feedback. The advisory group will meet a fourth and final time in mid-September to discuss the draft plan.

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Finally, the project website has been updated for more information. Over the Last Two Weeks. On July 8th, the Board of Zoning Adjustment: 1 denied an application for a conditional use permit to allow a short term rental at and Rufer Ave 19CUP ; and 2 approved an application for a conditional use permit to allow a short term rental at Valetta Ln. Over the Next Two Weeks. On July 18th at pm, the Planning Commission will hold a public meeting to review an application for a proposed change in zoning from R-7, multi-family to R-8A, multi-family with detailed plan, sidewalk waiver, and private yard and height variances at Cherokee Rd.

The meeting will be held at W. Liberty St. On July 23rd at pm, a neighborhood meeting will be held to discuss a proposed conditional use permit to allow for a short term rental at Alanmede Rd. The meeting will be held at Alanmede Rd.

Visit the District 8 Development Information here.

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Stuart Hamilton. Recorded July 9th, Burglary — There were two burglaries this reporting period, a decrease from the last reporting period 5. There was one in Beat 2 and one in Beat 4. Both properties were unlocked businesses. See maps here and here for more detail. Auto Theft — There were three auto thefts this reporting period, an increase from the last reporting period 2. All were in Beat 2 and the result of unlocked vehicles. Theft from Automobile — There were 13 thefts from automobile this reporting period, a decrease from the last reporting period There were six in Beat 2, five in Beat 3 and two in Beat 4.

Six of the vehicles were unlocked, four were by unknown means and three were by force. Please remember to lock your vehicles and take your valuables out of your car. If you have any questions or want to discuss anything in these crime reports, please LMPD 5th Division District Resource Officers at: [ protected].

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Visit the District 8 Crime Information here. This listing is primarily a District 8 business calendar. This is a flexible space for giving thanks, saying hi to friends and having a little fun. Thanks for reading, and tune back in two weeks!

Facebook Twitter Instagram iTunes Soundcloud. Louisville, Kentucky You are receiving this because you have had communication with our office in the past.