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How to take your power back, Turks your power back for How

If we do see answers or escape, they seem impossible, and we lack the courage, energy, and wherewithal to take action. Deep on the inside, however, we are desperate for and crave change. We daydream of a different life.

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Do you often feel like you have over-extended yourself to please others? Or that you put the needs, wishes and feelings of others before your own? Does this make you feel resentful, frustrated, overwhelmed, or depleted?

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Power is energy. It is the inherent capacity to create, direct, influence or do something so as to bring about what we want. Power in and of itself is wonderful. And it is something that all beings have.

How that power is used is what matters most, because like anything, it can be used for harm and it can be used for good. We will all find ourselves in certain situations where we feel incapable of creating, directing, influencing or doing anything so as to bring about what we want. We feel out of control, disempowered at the mercy of others. It is an invalidation of the reality of the powerlessness inherent in situations where many of the elements involved are beyond your control.

So here is how to realize you have power and how to own it. Obsessing over having all the power implies relationship dysfunction in and of itself. But for the sake of your understanding about personal power, the final thing I ask you to see is that you can choose where and where not to give other people the power in any given situation.

And this, in and of itself is power, because it is a choice! We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Videos linking to this article: Take Your Power Back. You have to get that free will is an absolute of your existence. No one can take that away.

Four simple ways to love yourself and take your power back

They cannot take away choice itself, only choices. All other people can do is to put intense amounts of pressure on you in the hopes that you will use your free will to choose to comply to what they are wanting. This means, in every situation, you must challenge your assumptions about where you think the power lies. I mean deliberate torture, not metaphorical torture. This is coming from someone who knows how they may use your point of greatest weakness and therefore greatest need as leverage.

We have the tendency of telling the story: They made me do it. Throughout history, when people have been unwilling to bend to the will of someone else, they tell them the penalty for non-compliance is death. This is still just narrowing the choices. Many people have chosen throughout history to choose death rather than to comply.

How to take your power back (be empowered)

Many people have been put in dungeons or concentration camps to find out that their captors had no control over their mind, so they still have the choice of what to do with their thoughts. The point is, they still had choice. Because of this, they cannot actually control you.

Compared to these extreme situations, you should be able to see your free will inherent in any less extreme a situation that involves someone putting pressure on you to choose what they want you to choose.

No matter how destroyed your physical body might be, your temporal self must align with your non temporal self in order to die. If the body is destroyed enough, your two points of perspective will often agree upon death. But comas are so often really about this lack of alignment of will between the physical and nonphysical.

There may very well be situations where the pressure they use their power to put you under will cause you to use your free will to choose to comply with what they want you to choose. There are situations where no one can even fault you for making that choice because anyone would. You have every right to feel however you feel about how unfair and immoral it is for them to put that pressure on your free will.

The point is you must never, ever confuse the pressure and force they use with taking away your free will. Get into reality and accept what needs to be accepted as quickly as possible. When we are using our free will to resist what is, we have no power.

10 steps to taking your power back from a toxic person

It is wasted energy. We are always at the effect of others and are fighting the situation we are in, instead of making immediate adjustments in response to it. For example, if someone refuses to accept the reality that the economy is collapsing, the decisions and actions they will take will absolutely not serve them.

It is as pointless as playing a chess game and spending your energy denying that someone has just made a move instead of seeing it, accepting it and based off of that, making a counter move. Reality is your only axis for power. But often we will not see, feel, hear or accept reality. You have got to surrender to the truth of the situation at hand.

6 ways to instantly take your power back

That is very different than surrendering to the situation itself. If you surrender to truth, you are able to start making decisions and start taking actions relative to the actuality of yours is occurring. To understand more about this, you can watch my video titled: How to Call BullS!

And my video titled: Reality. It is as if the situation itself is closing doors and windows in our face. We tend to bang against those doors and windows, hoping that if we do that, someone will somehow take mercy on us and decide to open them. You might How able to own your take by trying to convince them it is in their best interests to do so. This is the power of influence and persuasion at work. But it may just benefit you much more to put your energy towards looking for other doors and windows that might be open.

Long story short, to own your power in any situation, you have to take focus towards yours you CAN do. In whatever situation you find yourself in, ask yourself: How and in what ways can I create, direct, power or do something so as to bring about what I want? Be true no matter what. To do this, you have to be honest with yourself. No one can control where you put your energy. Again, they can only put pressure on you to try to get you to decide with your free will to put your energy towards what they want you to put in back.

You have the control over what to put your energy and focus back and into. You have control over your commitment because all commitment is, is to put How energy into something. Put your energy into what is power for you. Put it into what matters to you, what is meaningful and important to you.

Commit your energy to your specific and individual values. Another way of saying this is that your power is really about staying as true as you possibly can to your values and what is important and meaningful to you specifically. This requires powerful authenticity.

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To understand more about authenticity, watch my video titled: How to be Authentic. Realize that this is a fractal-based universe. And every single thing is imbued with consciousness. If you really, really get this, you have the ultimate answer to personal power.

Everything that is outside you in this universe, is also inside you. Every conflict that exists externally is also a conflict that exists inside you. And everything has a consciousness that you can access. If you turn your attention towards feeling, seeing, hearing and knowing these parts inside you, and towards resolving those internal conflicts, you will no longer feel powerless.

If you feel powerless relative to serial killers, find and integrate the serial killer in you and to the opposite, the part of you that is a match to being killed by one. If you feel powerless to viruses, find and integrate the part of you that is a power and to the take, the back of you that is a match to being destroyed by a virus. If you feel powerless to narcissists, find and integrate the narcissist within you and find and integrate the part of you that is in resistance to the narcissist yours you.

This time space reality is a mirror dimension. Watch How this integration shifts the reflection, which is the external world. Watch how it changes your external approach to things you felt powerless to before. If you perceive yourself to have no power relative to that which is on the outside, find that same thing within you and integrate it.

Put yourself in your own hands. To understand this concept, I want you to imagine yourself in the middle of a deep pool with a bunch of larger people. The reason this diminishes your power is because you are now in their hands.

It is up to them whether you sink or swim.