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Does my dream guy look like quiz, Erotica doe search guy for quiz

When it comes to dating and relationships, everybody has his or her own set of criteria to look out for in a prospective partner.

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Tom Cruise. Leonardo DiCaprio. Dave Franco.

Quiz: what does your ideal guy look like?: howstuffworks

Jake Gyllenhaal. Eating yummy food at a restaurant. Seeing a funny movie at a theater. Tanning at the beach.

Height doesn't matter to me. I'm super fun to be around. I make awesome gifts. I'm the best listener in the world. I'll always be there to make someone smile. He has better things to do with his time.

Create your perfect man and we’ll guess what you look like

Oh, he's a movie buff. He's definitely a bookworm. Ideally, he would love both. Forget about him; he's not worth it. Nothing, let the guy be with his friends. Talk to him about how I feel. Hang out with him and his friends!

I always admire serious people. Somewhere in the middle would be perfect. Humor is a win for me. As long as he's kind, I don't care. OMG, so dreamy! I don't mind it. Ugh, so gross. It's not my cup of tea, but it's whatever.

Who is my dream guy?

Dark and mysterious. Focused and determined about his goals. Intelligent and multi-talented. Sweet, loving and caring. My beautiful eyes, of course! My hot bod. My shiny hair. My awesome personality. I'm a master of ignoring text messages. Yes, that would get annoying quick. No way, I would love it! I guess it depends on what he's saying. That's a terrifying word. In a short-term relationship, yes. I don't know. I have never thought about it. No, why should I be?

That would be SO cool! Ugh, that sounds awful. That would certainly be Oh, please, as if I have a chance!

Fancy car. Great personality. Oh, we're rule breakers all right! I guess we'll find out! We would strictly follow all rules. I think it depends on the rule. Love is for losers. By making him a sweet gift. By saying "I love you" every day. I have no idea. The "bad boy" type. Someone with money. The "nice guy".

What would your dream guy look like?

Romantic type. Short and textured. Messy taper. Musicians, because they rock! How about a writer?

What does your dream man look like?

That sounds better. Business entrepreneurs sound cooler. His profession won't matter to me. Sure, that sounds fun! No, I prefer going to the gym alone.

What will your future boyfriend look like quiz

Only when I feel like it. My dream guy doesn't work out. Everybody loves chocolate. Handmade card with a poem inside.

A gift card. Flowers, stuffed animals, hugs and kisses. New York City. Los Angeles. Ugh, that is so weird.

Only on certain holidays. That sounds silly. I love it! Sure, if he's OK with dresses and heels. Give me a nice massage.