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Do you want a female led relationship, You female want up friend led relationship

Female-led relationships are ones in which women typically take the lead, initiate, and make the decisions.

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A female led relationship FLR goes against the patriarchy, or so it seems.

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However, it is not meant to demean and step on men. It is just the most efficient setup in some cases. Instead of the relationship being led by the man, the woman acts as the dominant partner. In some cases, the woman metaphorically wears the pants: proposing marriage, paying for dinner, and initiates milestones such as kisses and dates.

This guide will explore various aspects of this type of relationship, where gender roles are swapped, and the traditional relationship is thrown out the window. Well, the leading partner is different in each case, for one. There is also a change in the authority figure going from one to the other. This is the type of relationship that everyone expects from since the dawn of man.

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The man works as the breadwinner and protector of the relationship and family. It wakes up people to the fact that not all women are content with staying at home and being meek, while not all men want to assert dominant authority.

Not all female-led relationships are equal.

What are female-led relationships?

There are various types according to the level of control exerted by the woman. Here are some types:. The two have expressly opted to make decisions mutually.

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So, the man willingly steps back in some situations. On the other hand, the woman may even ask for permission for her choices because they have mutual control. Being a happy partner, she enjoys being in the relationship more.

The flr advantages

Her man also prefers it this way, being ruled and guided through, so he does not have any complaints. While the two are satisfied with the woman making the daily decision-making, she knows that she must set some limits to her own sense of control.

The partners have made clear demarcations on which aspects of the relationship the woman can make decisions on. This helps avoid any confusion when it comes to crucial situations. In this case, the woman is the total dominant. She has a naturally powerful personality that makes her a reasonable leader in the relationship. Her partner is present to follow her lead. Those who are used to the man leading in the relationship may wonder why people actively seek FLR. Well, obviously, it must benefit one partner or both for it to work.

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Here are some benefits that give this type of relationship a boost:. Women undeniably appreciate being able to take the reins.

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However, what does a female-led relationship to the male? What does it feel like to submit to female authority? Female-led relationships work when both romantic partners enter them with full acceptance, love, and respect. Communication should always be a priority in these cases. As with any type of relationship, the FLR will work if both partners are committed and agreeable to the setup. Just because it is female-led does not mean to say that it is only suitable to the female half of the partnership.

The couple must realize that if they do not find any problems with their setup, they do not have to worry about what other people say. Problems can also arise within the relationship structure. For example, the male may be too afraid to say anything against the setup even if he is no longer happy.

This is where communication comes in.

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A woman in charge may be freer to accept opinions being said, at least if she le the relationship with moderate or definite control. Each should regularly check if each partner is still happy with the dynamics of the relationship. If these feelings are sprouting up, something must be done to correct the setup because it is no longer healthy.

A female-led relationship (flr) goes against the patriarchy, or so it seems. however, it is not meant to demean and step on men. it is just the most efficient setup in some cases.

A man usually goes into an FLR willingly. He knows what he is getting into and recognize that he is in the presence of a dominant woman. Some are happy about being able to fulfill the dream of staying at home. However, some men are over the idea of playing gender roles.

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They want to be in more zen surroundings. Let us admit it: some men are in an FLR because they are intrigued about being dominated in the bedroom.

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They are aware that they are in a relationship with women who know what they want and go after it. She can be a girly-girl but still have the decisiveness of a shrewd political leader. She is good at managing every aspect of her life and is pleased to wield some power over her love life. Women in FLR are your boss wives, tiger moms, career go-getters, and dominatrices.

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They feel a sense of achievement. Those who feel trapped in conventional marriages are unappreciated and neglected. So, modern-thinking women will not mind having their husbands take over the home for once. They would also like someone who would be willing to share responsibilities in the domestic arena. For example, a man who is ineffective as the household leader should also consider this possibility. Similarly, a man who has become so passive in an FLR that you barely know he exists may be on his way to emasculation. Here, we are treading on dangerous ground because emasculation concepts may well come from the knowledge of traditional relationships.

A man that a woman can genuinely respect is someone who can be there for her no matter what the setup is like. In an FLR, a man should still be an active participant in the household. He still has responsibilities and ideas. Women have been doing it for centuries. Yet, they continue to be productive and helpful. He must strive for the same.

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Notice that there are not many options yet, at least, none widely praised and reviewed by top critics. This lifestyle is just gaining traction, at least publicly. Some people are living the FLR life without even knowing it themselves. A man may think that he is merely living the life he always wanted, as a man who fully respects his wife and girlfriend.

The male-led relationship vs. the female-led relationship

On the other hand, some men are only attracted to the FLR lifestyle because of the promise of hotter sex. Some of the FLR communities online know that the lifestyle goes beyond the physical. They welcome like-minded people to share their thoughts. Others, however, offer their support but with a subscription fee.

A woman may strive to get what she wants in a relationship, but she also craves being pampered and protected. She may be ashamed to say that she has conventional needs, but these needs may well be why she may not exactly want to be in an FLR. She may also want the man to take charge and put the food on the table, and let her be free from time to time.

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Leading the relationship, mostly when the children also gravitate towards you for support, can be overwhelming. Women have similarly been notably exhausted even in male-led relationships; being in charge of an FLR can be doubly exhausting. Women want to have a say in a relationship. They want to be appreciated, but they also want to be given a break. However, being respected and obeyed just because they can do something in exchange is not the way for them.

It is non-traditional, but it should still rely on respect and communication to keep it afloat and thriving.

What a woman brings to a relationship

Even the submissive should have an active part in the romantic partnership. This is not slavery; this is a loving relationship where it takes two to make it work. The man should agree to an FLR, not because of laziness, irresponsibility, or the promise of sex, but because he loves his woman unconditionally.