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Building a strong christian family, South woman strong christian for buildings

There have always been tares mixed in with the wheat, hypocrites among the saints, and sanctimonious Pharisees in the church. To a certain extent it expresses itself differently from situation to situation.

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How does a parent build a strong Christian family? The church should instruct families how to begin and grow a Godly heritage in each family, but we cannot expect our church to build it for us.

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Our homes say a lot about us. How we spend our time there, the way we decorate, and what we do inside its walls speaks volumes about what we believe. As Christians, our homes should be marked for God and reflect Jesus in everything we do.

It needs to be evident that Christ is alive there. He should be the hub, instead of just a mere spoke. Ideally our houses should be places of worship, rather than just a structure where we eat, sleep, and play.

Here are several practical steps for building godly homes and ministering to our families well! In our American culture, we serve the idols of convenience, entertainment, prosperity and self.

9 steps for building a godly home

These things get in the way of truly honoring God and receiving His blessings over our homes and families. Do we desire vegging out with Netflix more than renewing our minds with Scripture?

Do we favor quick fixes rather than putting in the hard work of consistently discipling and training our children? Biblical love is not that romantic, emotional love we see portrayed in Hollywood movies.

It is driven to action. It is unconditional. It is the same kind of love Jesus demonstrated for you and for me at the Cross. To practice the definition of biblical love in our homes, we should look no further than 1 Corinthians Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way.

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It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. When we apply this verse to the treatment of our spouses and children, we win their hearts to Christ and peace will reign inside our homes.

But what does the Bible say? It needs to be clear to our kids that the Bible is the ultimate authority in our home. As we form the basic principles for our family, all of our beliefs, ethics, and rules must stem from Scripture. Our children need to know that truth is unchanging, secure, and pure. By referring our children to the Bible in everything we do, esteeming it and applying it, we show that it is sufficient to answer the deepest questions of life.

We cannot compromise His truth, but must preserve it so that order is established in our homes. How vast is the sum of them! We are the gatekeepers of our homes and have authority from God to deny entrance into that space.

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Every Netflix show, iPad App, YouTube video- and even friend- that enters our home must go through us first. What are we allowing in? Fill their minds with books, shows and music that help them fix their eyes on things above. I highly recommend investing in a Christian streaming service. In his sermon to the Israelites before entering the Promised Land, where he tells them to love and obey the Lord, Moses immediately follows this with a command to saturate their children with the same teaching.

With all the moments available to us throughout the day, we can these unplanned opportunities to pour the Word of God into our children.

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The other day my daughter was upset with her brother for having more of a certain kind of toy, so I led her right in that moment to Exodus There is something about the power of music. It reminds us of who we are with respect to God, sets our focus on the right things, and helps us commit truth to memory. Get a toy instrument set for your kids and let them make a joyful noise. Gather everyone together for family worship, where bonds will be forged. One of the most repeated commands in the Bible is to remember.

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Remember what God has done. Remember who He is. Remember that He is with you. One way to fight against our forgetful minds is to repeat Scripture.

Nowadays, this can be accomplished by adorning our houses with scriptures that speak of His love, truth, grace, and faithfulness. They serve as powerful reminders of not only who they are, but what God has done for them!

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There is a very real battleground for your home and for the hearts and minds of your children. We should serve our husbands and children with a joyful heart, not begrudgingly. Beautiful post! I was looking for some ways to make sure Jesus is more apparent in our home and this was a fantastic list. Thank you for writing.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Pray Scripture over your children There is a very real battleground for your home and for the hearts and minds of your children. Spread the love. Comments Beautiful post!

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